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1. Embrace your flat chest. There are many benefits to having smaller breasts, such as not needing to wear an underwire bra and having an easier time with breast exams. Physical activity is also easier for women with small chests, and you don’t have to deal with back pain caused by large breasts. Another benefit is that you'll have an easier ...

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Women with flat chest typically have toned arms, so this is a win-win because it highlights your strength and hide your weakness. Cowl neck sweater Just like the turtle neck, cowl neck is also a high neck mostly seen in knits or sweaters.

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Flat chest problems? What are those? Let's talk about being flat chested, is it ok to be flat?#flat #flatchest #truthClick me: http://www.onision.comTikTok: ...

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Wear tight shirts over binders. I only figured this out, like, today; but, honestly, it makes such a difference if you're trying to present masculine! Tight fitted shirts over binders are a transmasc's/AFAB's best friend. (Not too tight, mind you. Don't wear shirts to actively compress your chest over your binder.

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Most guys want a flat, developed chest that is free from fat, chiseled, and looks incredible. Just maybe then you won’t be embarrassed about taking your top off on the beach. But how to exercise for flat chest results that are rapid and dramatic is tough. But the thing is, people, miss one of the […]

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1. Be flat (A-cup or under) - report for this rule instead of fighting in the comments. 2. No minors. 3. Creators can mark [OC] for original content. 4. No harassing creators. 5.

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7. Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton also join the Hollywood celebrities flat-chested list. Born and raised in The luxurious neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton and her lavish life have always been a dream for many young girls. The multi-talented star is not only good at acting and singing but she is also a genius entrepreneur.

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Please, learn to love your flat chest, i don't want you to lost the time i losted just because you don't fit in (it's freaking okay to not fit in!!) don't worry about boys, worry about not being capable of loving the body you've been given in the only life you got!


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Having small boobs can make you feel insecure and less of a woman. I totally get it. I'm completely flat-chested, and you know what? I'm PROUD of it and I LO...