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What is SMAB Charges in ICICI Bank Means?

Some readers were asking the question to me like is there any way to recover lost money to Account in ICICI bank due to SMAB charges. The post is explaining the policy behind ICICI bank charges. Some people are losing money like this: In 2012. MABChgs-May12+ServTax 30.9 – 280.90 MABChgs-Jul12+STax 30.9 – 280.90 MABChgs-Aug12+STax 43.26 ...

ICICI Bank SMAB Charges For Salary Accounts

This service charge is called SMAB charges. Usually it is 393 rupees per month. The customers are not getting any SMS regarding this deduction. If there are no credits to your salary account for few months, it would be better if you can contact respective branch and ask whether your salary account has converted into savings account. If yes ...

[Resolved] ICICI Bank — SMAB Charges Deducton

I am an account holder of ICICI bank. when i checked my balance alert through net banking I saw a charge of rupees of Rs. 518 /- in the name of SMAB Chgs-APR16+Stax 67.50 Date 13/7/16 and Rs. 518 /- in the name of SMAB Chgs-MAY 16+Stax 67.50 Date 19/7/16 .

ICICI Bank — Smab charges

SMAB Chgs DEC14+Stax6.63___Deduction amt Rs 60.35 2. Date 24/03/2015 SMAB Chgs FEB15+Stax43.26__Deduction amt Rs 393.26 3.Date 08/04/2015 SMAB Chgs MAR15+Stax8.65__Deduction amt Rs 78.65 So please review this details and let me know regarding above stated info.. My contact [protected] or [protected] Thanks Mansoor S

[Resolved] ICICI Bank — icici bank - deduction of smab ...

When i checked my balance alert through net banking i saw a charge of rupees of rs. 275 /- in the name of smab chgs aug20. Please see below transactions. Note:my monthly average balance (Mab) for the account [protected] from 1.9.2020 to 25.09.2020 id rs310.86. Mab required to be maintained in my saving account is rs 0.00.

Think Twice Before Taking Account in ICICI bank (SMAB charges)

Then I saw a charge of 393.26 rupees in the name of SMAB Chgs-Feb14+Stax 43.26. Keep an eye Then I searched in the service-charges sheet of service charges but I did not see the name of the SMAB charge in it.

[Resolved] ICICI Bank — ICICI Bank - Deduction of SMAB ...

As it was left with some amount in idle condition for few months.Now due to debiting SMAB Chgs May14+Stax 43.26 SMAB Chgs-Apr14+Stax 43.26 SMAB Chgs-Mar14+Stax 43.26 SMAB Chgs-Feb14+Stax 43.26 SMAB Chgs-Dec13+Stax 3.28 amounting to Rs.1573.04 was debited, which was without any information. Kindly look into this matter and refund my balance.

SMAB Charges In ICICI Bank - ICICI BANK LTD (ICICI) Employee ...

Minimum monthly average balance(MAB) Metro and Urban locations - Rs.10,000, Semi-urban locations - Rs.5,000, Rural locations - Rs.2,000. So if the user do not have enough minimum balance in the account, ICICI bank will withdraw money from the account.

ICICI Bank — Deduction of smab & stax charges

I was just checking my bank statement, my account has been debited of rs.515.25 twice for smab chgs feb16+stax65.25 and smab chgs mar16+stax65.25 charges. I don't have any kind of information about this from icici. This is the second time they are doing with me. Kindly take my request and do the needful to get my money back. Thank you in advance.