Can AI help you build relationships? Amorai thinks so

Building and maintaining relationships is hard, and COVID-19 certainly hasn’t helped. Multiple studies have shown that adults have become even lonelier since the start of the pandemic. Founders try to find technical solutions. There are many startups looking to combat loneliness — some of which emerged years before the pandemic — including senior-focused ElliQ and … Read more

The debate takes place in every VC firm

Forerunner Charles Hudson want to be careful, but not too careful. The venture capitalist was at an AI confab last month, but he hasn’t made a new AI investment during the current hype cycle. He is one of many investors who have seen a turning point take over an industry before, with boatloads of capital, … Read more

Meta Announces Generative AI Features for Advertisers

Meta today announced an AI sandbox for advertisers to help them create alternate copy, generate backgrounds through text prompts, and crop images for Facebook or Instagram ads. The first feature allows brands to generate different variations of the same copy for different audiences while trying to keep the ad’s core message similar. The background generation … Read more

Hands-on with Google’s AI-powered music generator

Can AI work backwards from a text description to generate a cohesive number? That’s the premise of MusicLM, the AI-powered music creation tool Google released yesterday to kick off its I/O conference. MusicLM, which is trained on hundreds of thousands of hours of audio to learn how to make new music in different styles, is … Read more

AMP Robotics attracts investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund

AMP Robotics, a Denver, Colorado-based startup that creates robotic systems that can automatically sort recyclables, today announced it has expanded its Series C round to $99 million, thanks to an investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund. That’s more than $91 million when the round closed in November. The expanded Series C, which included investors including … Read more