Improving the developer experience is now a priority

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Internal developer portals are a welcome tool to ease developers’ cognitive load, and could go one step further if they start integrating AI. But it’s not just developers who could soon benefit from AI, nurses too, thanks to a new startup backed by the Allen Institute’s AI2 Incubator. — Anna

Improving DevEx with internal developer portals

Internal developer portals have become a one-stop shop that allows developers in an organization to access all the microservices and tools available to them. But it’s not just service catalogs: they also allow companies to set up self-service actions for developers to take.

For example, developers can use these portals to access reusable services that allow them to create a microservice, set up a developer environment in the cloud, or request permission.

The wider adoption of internal developer portals is related to another trend: the emergence of platform engineering teams, whose role is to empower other developers. Both concepts have become central to improving the developer experience, a priority for many organizations.

Organizations are not moved purely by the goodness of their hearts. After all, cognitive overload isn’t exactly new to developers, even though the proliferation of SaaS and the rise of microservices have arguably made it worse. But companies have also recognized that improving DevEx can have a huge impact on their entire business.

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