Comcast Announces $20 Streaming Service “NOW TV” Including Peacock

Comcast announced its new streaming offering for Xfinity internet customers on Tuesday. Called NOW TV, the package costs $20 per month and includes a subscription to Peacock Premium, as well as over 40 live channels and over 20 free ad-supported TV channels (FAST). The addition of Peacock’s premium subscription – a value of $4.99/month – … Read more

Microsoft’s AI reaches Indian villages

Only a few months have passed since Microsoft and OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT to the world, sparking a buzz among tech enthusiasts and industry titans. Now the technology underpinning this generative AI is breaking through barriers, reaching remote hamlets hundreds of miles from the tech hubbub of Seattle and San Francisco. Jugalbandi, a chatbot built in … Read more

Tawi from Kenya tackles auditory processing disorder and wins Microsoft Imagine Cup

Microsoft’s student tech-for-good competition, the Imagine Cup, has crowned this year’s winner: Tawi, a team from Kenya that applied machine learning tools to help children with auditory processing disorder (APD) better understand others. APD is a hearing disorder in which someone hears sound just fine, but their brain has trouble processing it. This can lead … Read more

Google introduces Product Studio, a tool that allows sellers to create product images using generative AI

At its Google Marketing Live event today, the tech giant announced it is launching Product Studio, a new tool that allows sellers to easily create product images using generative AI. Brands can create new images within Merchant Center Next, Google’s platform that helps businesses manage how their products appear on Google. Google says Product Studio … Read more